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Lead nitrate information download
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Lead nitrate, is an inorganic compound, chemical formula Pb(NO3)2, is the nitrate of lead, white cubic or monoclinic crystal, hard and shiny, easily soluble in water. It is mainly used in the manufacture of lead salt, mordant and fireworks.

Uses: Glass industry for the production of milk yellow pigment. Yellow pigment used in paper industry. Used as a mordant in the printing and dyeing industry. The inorganic industry is used to make other lead salts and lead dioxide. The pharmaceutical industry is used to manufacture astringents. Benzene industry used as tannant for leather. Used in the photographic industry as a photosensitizer. Used in mining industry as ore flotation agent. In addition, it is also used as an oxidant for the production of matches, fireworks, explosives, and analytical chemical reagents.

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