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Red lead (plaster grade)

Product Details

Lead Dan (camphor Dan) (Chinese herbal medicine)

Alias: Red Dan, Yellow Dan, bright Dan

Lead Dan is a powder made of lead by oxidation processing, mainly containing lead tetraoxide (Pb3O4).

Characters of medicinal materials

This product is orange-red or orange-yellow powder, dull luster, opaque, heavy quality, rub with fingers, first sandy touch, after feeling delicate, can make fingers dyed orange-yellow. It has a golden flavor. (Shandong Provincial Standard of Chinese Medicinal Materials 2012 Edition)

Sex and taste return to the classics

Xin, salty, cold; Toxic. Return to the heart, spleen, liver channel. (Shandong Provincial Standard of Chinese Medicinal Materials 2012 Edition)

Efficacy of medicinal materials

Pull poison to produce muscle, drop phlegm to soothe fright. (Shandong Provincial Standard of Chinese Medicinal Materials 2012 Edition)

Treatment of medicinal materials

For carbuncle swollen sore poison, ulcer not restrained, convulsive delirium. (Shandong Provincial Standard of Chinese Medicinal Materials 2012 Edition)

Usage and dosage

0.15-0.3g; It should not be used for more than two weeks. Apply appropriate amount of ground powder to the affected area; Or boil paste, each time should not exceed 20g, the drug range should be less than 30cm. (Shandong Provincial Standard of Chinese Medicinal Materials 2012 Edition)

Storage and preservation

Seal and place in a dry place. (Shandong Provincial Standard of Chinese Medicinal Materials 2012 Edition)

Identification of medicinal materials

Take 0.2g powder of this product, add dilute nitric acid to dissolve it, filter it, take filtrate 3ml, add potassium chromate test solution 2ml, to produce yellow precipitation, separation, precipitation added 2mol/L ammonium hydroxide test or 2mol/L dilute nitric acid test solution will not dissolve; Add 2mol/L sodium hydroxide test solution and dissolve the precipitant. (Shandong Provincial Standard of Chinese Medicinal Materials 2002 Edition)

Compatibility of Chinese medicine

1. Cure all boils, more than pain, thirst disorder, swelling hard can not bear: yellow Dan seven two, wax two, three two, Japanese ampelopsis (file), almond three two (soup, peel, tip, double kernel, ground), frankincense two two (end), Coptis one, two two (chain), oil one liter. Three kinds of medicine Ampelopsis, to raw cotton bag, into the oil slow fire boil half a day, filter out, under the yellow Dan, to willow wood grate, wait to become black, paste, into wax, frankincense more boil, hard and soft, with porcelain box, so silk stall paste, two for it. (Shenghui Fang Huangdan Cream)

2. Treat ecshank for a long time, and wind itch scabies blood wind and other sores: Huangdan (wash seven times, net) one to two to five money, Huanglian five money, Chuanxiong five money, cuttlebone three money, light powder, tide brain, water dragon bone. On the very fine end, with tung oil as paste, paper made, with the meat surface needle dozens of holes, the first day two paste, the second and three days with a paste, the fourth and five days with a paste, the sixth and seven days after, three days for a paste. Still such as money a big place, can not close the mouth, with rosin four two, an onion, a total mashed, placed in a bowl, to roll white water down, a long time to water, take medicine twist into a cake paste on the sore. There is still a needle fine hole, water is not finished, take garlic, onion inside the second layer of white skin, stick for three or four days. (Yellow Dan Cream of Selective Science)

3. Treating broken water, swelling and not healing: lead Dan, clam powder and so on. On the second taste, the same stir-fry color. Water on the sore will come out immediately. (Sheng Zi Zong Lu Pb Dan SAN)

4. Treatment of external hemorrhoids: yellow Dan, talc each equal. The top is the bottom. New water is drawn and applied three or five times a day. (" Baby child hundred Questions "Dan Shi SAN)

5. Treat golden sores and all bad sores: superior Guo Dan and soft plaster are not much (fire burning red). On the fine grind and ream like peach blossom. Mix in the wound. (" One hundred Choices "Pink powder)

6. Treatment of acne poison, pus dripping: Yellow Dan, light powder each five points, Coptis rhizoma two money. Top to smooth. Rub the affected area. (On Children's Pox Prescription)

7. Treating children's aphthous ulcer: Yellow Dan a money, honey one or two. Upper phase and deep ou sheng, retort steamed black for degrees. With a little of each, dip a chicken brush into the mouth. (" Puji Recipe "large effect gold silk paste)

8. Treating eye red and pannus: Lead Dan, cuttlefish bone size equal points. On the two taste together finely ground, and white honey like mud, steamed half food for a long time, cold, eyes four canthus, day one. (Qianjin Fang)

9. Treating the eye pawn bead tube: lead Dan half two, carp bile amount of lead Dan how to use. On the two taste, blend like paste. Focus on the canthus three or five times a day. (Lead Cream of the Holy Sacrament)

10. Cure soup fire injury: yellow Dan one or two, tide brain five money. End. Mix with honey and apply to affected area. (Selective Medicine)

11. Scorpion sting: yellow Dan vinegar coated. (" Fixing the Back of the Elbow ")

12. Treating wind epilepsy: Lead Dan two, alum two. At the end, use a brick, lay on the brick with paper, first lay on the paper with Dan, then lay on the Dan with alum, and then burn ten pounds of willow wood to the degree, take out the fine ground. Three to five minutes for each drink, warm wine. (" Boji Fang "Fufeng Powder)

13. Treating red and white dysentery: Yellow Dan one or two (fried purple), coptis one or two (to beard, slightly fried). Apply the medicine and crush it into the ground, with batter and pills as big as pockmarks. Each serving, decocted ginger, licorice soup under five pills. (" Holy Benevolent Prescriptions ")

14. Cure thirst: Lead Dan erji, Trichosanthes trichosanthes 8ji, Poria, licorice (moxiba) each one and a half, ophiopogon 8ji (to the heart). The five flavors are mashed and sifted into powder. Denier to suit square inch spoon, two days. (Qianjin Yi Fang Lead Dan Powder)

15. Treatment of armpit gas: greasy powder, alum, red lead are equal points. The top is the end. Wipe it off at bedtime. (" Continuing the Skill ")

Chinese medicine processing

1. Dissolve the lead and alum, stir, remove and condense after 8-10h, generate lead oxide block, grind, pour into the cylinder, stir with water, remove the fine powder floating in the water, and put another cylinder to settle. Take the water dust after settling and dry it, heat it slowly in an iron pot for 24h, remove and grind it, and sieve it.

2. Heat the pure lead in an iron pot, stir fry it, oxidize it, and then ground it into a fine powder. Pour into the tank and rinse with water, separate the coarse and fine powder, and then oxidize the fine powder for 24h, ground into fine powder, and sift it. (Dictionary of Chinese Medicine)

Remove impurities. (Shandong Provincial Standard of Chinese Medicinal Materials 2002 Edition)

Relevant discourse

1. "This classic" : the main vomiting reverse stomach, epilepsy, heat under qi.

2. "Don't record" : Stop small convenience, remove toxic heat umbilical clonus, golden sore bleeding.

3. "Medicinal Theory" : Treatment of fright palpitation, vomiting, quenching thirst. Decocting cream for pain relief and muscle development.

4. "Rihua Zi Herbal Medicine" : calm the heart, cure nausea, stop vomiting blood and cough, apply golden sore, long meat, and soup fire sore, dye hair, can be decocted paste.

5. "Materia Medica Yan Yi" : Curing malaria and long-term accumulation.

6. "Medical Introduction" : nausea and abdominal distension.

7. "Materia Derivata Supplement" : Dan from lead and said non-toxic, but also said cool, to view stolen have doubts. I have seen a middle-aged woman, because of many children, in the month to take lead Dan two two, limbs cold stiff, can not eat. When is midwinter, urgent reason in Tongaconite, a number of posts and Ann, that is cool and non-toxic can be?

8. "Compendium" : Lead Dan, weight and sex sink, taste and salt, alum, walking blood, can drop phlegm to shrink, so the treatment of epilepsy, vomiting reverse stomach. Can eliminate the accumulation of insects, so the treatment of malnutrition disease, dysentery, malaria has solid accumulation. It can relieve heat and remove poison, long flesh and remove blood stasis, so it is necessary for surgery to treat bad sores and poison, and into plaster.



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